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The story behind the movement.

How It Works

IBIY Mobile App (Beta)

A mobile app that captures the unique journey & story of each IBIY bracelet as it travels from person to person around the world. See everywhere your bracelet has been, and everywhere it goes after you give it away. Users can track & measure their impact with real-time stats & notifications, consume uplifting content daily, and stay up to date on all things IBIY.

Our Mobile App is now live on Google Play & The Apple App Store under "IBIY" <3

The world is more depressed, divided and disconnected than ever before.



Over 280,000,000+ people worldwide face depression.



76% of people across 11 countries think their society is divided.



58% of Americans often feel like no one in their life truly knows them.

Discover our mission to change that.

See what other #WaveMakers are saying.

Wave Two Collection.

"I was hanging out with an old friend after years of not seeing one another. After some conversation, I took my bracelet off my wrist, told him I believed in him, and gave it to him. Taken back by this, he began to tear up and told me that he tried killing himself two weeks ago, and that this bracelet may have just saved his life. He held it tightly and said he'll pay this forward as soon as he’s in a better place. So blessed for this product and movement, it's truly saving lives."

Keep this movement going! ❤️

I was given a bracelet years ago, and I still wear it! Super excited for these new designs, and to continue spreading the message.

No words needed other than the ones on the bracelet 🙏

Love love love looooove these bracelets and this movement!

IBIY Gives Back

Wave Two Collection

Just a kid with a vision

The "just a kid with a vision" bracelet is a reminder to tap into your purest self and encourage others to do the same. As kids, we expressed creativity and imagination without limits or boundaries. But as adults, we've lost touch with that side of ourselves. This bracelet serves as your reminder that we’re all just a bunch of kids with big dreams <3

Wave Two Collection

Minimalist black

Introducing our minimalist black bracelet – a staple for your everyday wardrobe and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. This versatile, minimalist bracelet is designed to be worn with any outfit, from casual to classy.

Wave Two Collection


Kindness and love transcends race, gender, age and location. With the top 10 languages in the world printed on this bracelet, it represents unity and serves as a reminder that we are all a lot more alike than we think. Kindness has no borders <3

Bracelet languages include:English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, German, Hindi, & Japanese 🌎❤️

Wave Two Collection

Frowning flowers

Our "frowning flowers" bracelet is your reminder that sometimes growth hurts, because change isn’t easy. But on the other side of that pain is a beautiful masterpiece just like a flower. Share this bracelet with someone to let them know you believe in them…and no matter the circumstances, KEEP GOING <3

Wave Two Collection


Elevate your everyday style with our unique "retro" bracelet. The bold colors and unique design are sure to make a statement, but more than that, it's a symbol of the fearless spirit that resides within you. Wear it with confidence and pay it forward to someone who needs the message <3

Wave Two Collection


Bring a vibe to your style with our "Tropical" bracelet – a colorful and versatile accessory that also makes a measurable difference in the world. This bracelet is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit and reminding you to spread kindness wherever you go <3

Wave Two Collection

Maroon polkadot

Our maroon on white bracelet showcases a simple design with lots of purpose. Whether you’re out with friends or lounging at home, you can’t go wrong with this staple polkadot style.

Wave Two Collection

X's add up

Our "x's add up" bracelet is the perfect reminder that every "failure" is a step closer to your goals. The X's on this bracelet symbolize the hurdles you overcome on the path to achieving your version of success. When you pass it on, you'll be sharing that message of perseverance and progress with someone else. The more you fail, the more you know <3

“The stumble is a part of the dance” - Russ


I Believe In You is a movement that was created to encourage & facilitate small acts of kindness on a global scale through our bracelets & mobile app. The world needs kindness, love and unity now more than ever, and we're here to lead that charge from the front. Our bracelets are meant to be worn until you're inspired to give them away to someone to let them know you believe in them. Our mobile app allows you to connect your bracelet, upload content to the bracelet (like instagram), and then follow the journey of your bracelet around the world inside the mobile app once you've given it away.

The Wave Two Collection bracelets will be shipped within 2-3 days of placing an order. You'll be one of the first individuals to join the world's biggest wave of kindness <3

Our app is in Beta mode but you can download the app directly in the Apple app store or Google Play store by searching "IBIY". We will also be sending you plenty of email updates & instructions as well once your order has been placed.

Yes absolutely! We don’t recommend sitting at the bottom of the ocean or anything too crazy, but your bracelets will remain functional with most other water-based activities. Feel free to keep your bracelet on for showers, swimming, etc and you won’t have any problems at all.

Nope! Our bracelets have zero tracking capabilities. All bracelets have an NFC tag inside the patch of the bracelet, which only allows for connectivity to our mobile app. When you post content inside our mobile app, your general location (city) will be tagged in the post if you allow those permissions in your settings. This allows you to see the incredible journey of your bracelet as it travels to different cities & countries around the world <3